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    mg游戏论And during the next week the Doctor paddled the old Chief to the rocks twice a day. A great number of oysters were fished up by the cormorants and the pearls were sorted by the Doctor, put in little boxes and sent out to be sold. John Dolittle told the old Chief to keep the matter a secret and only to intrust the carrying to reliable men.


    "They're such a nice, wholesome, Christian change," he said, "after these 'ere 'eathen hidolaters. And you should just hear Fred sing 'See That My Grave's Kept Green.'"
    "'My! I wish I could draw that way,' said the beggar. 'And so quick and easy you do it—like it was nothing at all.'
    "The Doctor was washing his face in the lake"


    1.Jip and Dab-Dab were still plotting to find some way to reach the Doctor. But there seemed to be nothing they could think of.
    2."The royal peacock complained that Cheapside had made faces at him"
    3.As the light grew dimmer the calls of several night birds sounded from the mangroves on the left. Too-Too told the Doctor that many of these were owls, but of kinds that he had never seen or met with before.
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